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Terms & Conditions

All products purchased as new carry a manufacturer’s guarantee; the time period of the guarantee will vary dependent upon the product. Where reasonable proof of purchase can be provided, Constellation will provide a standard 12 month guarantee with the retailer from the date of purchase. This is only applicable when products have been used as instructed for their intended, domestic use. Any misuse or dismantling of products will invalidate any guarantee.

Under the guarantee, we undertake to repair or replace free of any charge any parts found to be defective. In the event that we cannot provide an exact replacement, a similar product will be offered or the cost refunded. Any damages from daily wear and tear are not covered by this guarantee, nor are consumables such as plugs, fuses etc.

Any personal details and information provided will be used for customer service and administration purposes only so that we can contact you should we need to either by phone, post or email. This personal information will usually be kept for the duration of the guarantee for the purposes mentioned and on occasion this may be for longer should we receive an enquiry that requires further time for investigation. By providing us with a telephone number, email address and ticking the agree button you consent to being contacted by these methods should we need to in order to provide a service to you. For more information on how we shall manage your personal information and how to contact us about your data, please visit the link to our Privacy Policy that is featured at the bottom of the website page.